The brilliant project realized by Tourmake Japan was definitely the perfect way to exalt the magic of Christmas in 18 wonderful Japanese cities through Virtual Reality.

Thanks to the valuable contribution made by professional photographers involved in the contest, Tourmake captured the Christmas atmosphere that distinguishes the main cities of Japan (including the capital Tokyo) exploiting the potential of Viewmake technology.

Photographers turned on festive lights, bringing to the world’s attention the extraordinary tourist role of Japan. Colors, attractions, decorations: the 360-degree path through the lively metropoli’s streets has aroused the curiosity of many visitors who, physically or virtually, have chosen to immerse themselves in the glittered Christmas time.

Tourmake, in fact, is an incentive for the promoting the territory in many ways and the VR Tour "Christmas Illumination 2017" experiences its opportunities highlighting the charm of Christmas as a strong point of the country.

Breaking down distances and connecting panoramas in a unique innovative project, Tourmake keeps faith with its mission and at the same time respects the true Christmas spirit to surprise, to involve, to unite.